Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why Buying Facebook Likes is a Bad Idea?


The actual social worth of a fan page is judged by the level of interaction it gets after putting up a status, picture or web link.
Facebook launched a campaign to get rid of fake or low-quality Likes. The move is being considered as an attempt by Facebook to stop spammers and make the data, derived from these Likes, more authentic. In recent blog post, Facebook has officially urged marketers and brand promoter’s to refrain from buying fake Likes as it delivers absolutely no value in return to your investment.

Real Fans Will Doubt Your Honesty

No one likes to deal with a person or a business which misrepresents information or cheats.
If your real fans get the slightest hint of your resorting to such tactics (which they invariably will when they see the number off Likes on your page exploding overnight), to create a false impression, they will begin to have doubts about your truthfulness. Your brand image will get a severe blow if that happens.

EdgeRank Algorithm

EdgeRank algorithm now helps decide about the “Top stories” which appear in users’ news feed. Two factors which this algorithm takes into account while sorting out the posts which will appear on fans’ pages are:
1.    How your fans interact with your previous posts? If your fans like, share and comment on your posts regularly, the chances of your posts appearing on their NewsFeed are higher.
2.    How others react to your posts? If all others on Facebook choose to ignore a post or not react to it, its chances of appearing on fans’ pages get affected adversely.

We all know by now that organic reach of a page is slowly dropping and an update on Facebook Page reaches to only 6% of the Page’s total fan base. However, If the posts you put up on your page do not get a good level of interaction (by way of Likes, Shares and Comments) from a good percentage of people on your fan page, your posts will stop appearing in the news feed of even your most active and ardent followers. In this way, fake likes might actually become a burden.

Shelby, NC

Sunday, February 22, 2015

YouTube green screen in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer.
  Click the Tools button or press Alt key + X

Click Internet Options

Click the Advanced tab, and then browse to the Accelerated graphics section.
Click to select the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering check box.
Click Apply, and then click OK.

Close all open Internet Explorer windows and then test the issue

Shelby, NC

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Run all your Smartphone communication apps from your desktop!!!

Run all your Smartphone communication apps from your desktop (snapchat, Viber, Instagram , whatsapp etc) or games you wish to play using ANDY OS.

Download and install Andy os which installs Oracle VM VirtualBox and runs in that from http://www.andyroid.net/

After Installed 
 Click on Show hidden Icons. Then right click on Andy and select Start Andy

Take mouse and click on lock and drag to right. Now use as you would your phone.

Install desired apps just like your phone.

Desktop View

Now add pictures from your PC to Instagram or Social site desired.


Shelby, NC

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Missing Google as your search engine in FireFox.

Firefox now defaults to using Yahoo as the search engine.

But that is easy to fix.
Select options

Then select Search tab and in the drop down select Google.

Your done

Shelby, NC