Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Windows 10 Tracking features Installed On Windows 7 And Windows 8 using patches.

1. KB 2952664 - a snooping patch first pushed to Windows 7 in April. Officially described as merely a “compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7″, It actually adds a program to the Windows Task Scheduler called ‘DoScheduledTelemetryRun’ which sends usage information to Microsoft even for those who have specifically opted out of the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP).

2. KB 2976978 – last issued in June, it is a scanner which sends diagnostics to Microsoft from CEIP participants. But the sneaky bit: if you let it scan it automatically signs you up to the CEIP program, which then gives Microsoft full usage tracking rights over your computer.

Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)
According to Microsoft, the CEIP is a tool that collects customer information to try “to improve the products and features customers use most often and to help solve problems.” Even though Microsoft claims that no personal or identifiable information is collected, it can still be worrying to people concerned about online privacy.

Disable the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program
Windows 7 & 8 OS.

Disabling the Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program and the related Task Scheduler tasks that control this program can improve Windows 7 and Windows 8 system performance in large View desktop pools.

1    In the Windows 7 or Windows 8 guest operating system, start the control panel and click   Action Center > Change Action Center settings.
2    Click Customer Experience Improvement Program settings.
3    Select No, I don't want to participate in the program and click Save changes.
4    Start the control panel and click Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.
5    In the Task Scheduler (Local) pane of the Task Scheduler dialog box, expand the Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows nodes and open the Application Experience folder.
6    Disable the AITAgent and ProgramDataUpdater tasks.

Disable in MS office also.
Open your favorite Office program and click the FILE tab.
Options item in the menu list on the left.
Click the Trust Center option on the left
Click the Trust Center Settings button.
Believe it or not. It’s that easy. You have now opted out of CEIP and the Office programs will no longer be collecting data about your Office usage and sending it back to Microsoft.

Shelby, NC